Sunday, 3 May 2009

Bangsar - Capri Cafe and pasar malam

Karma brought Mala and I to this place at Bangsar yesterday. I'm not familiar with Bangsar at all, and I really can't imagine there's such cafe -- where you could have chops or steaks in Bangsar for not burning a hole in your pocket... :p

We ordered Teh Tarik (RM1.50), Lemonade, Ice Lemon Green Tea, Hainanese Chicken Chop (RM12) and Grilled Chicken Chop with Cheese (RM13). The portion was kinda generous and we were so full after the dinner and we decided to do some exercise -- window shopping at Bangsar Village :p Karma told us that there's pasar malam nearby, so we decided to have a look. It's kinda a small or mini pasar malam, nothing much you could get there. Despite this, we still got ourselves something -- coconut jelly and brownies.

(Coconut Jelly RM4 for 1, and RM10 for 3)
I've never tried Coconut Jelly before, it tasted kinda fresh for me, however for the first bite or two, it was kinda nice... but, after few bites it tasted too sweet for me

(Brownies RM2.50, it's very "chocolate" :p)

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